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Meet Our CEO

Asad R. Zaidi President and CEO of Redapple Digital Health, Inc. has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. 

His Story

Co-Founder and CTO

Buck Mower is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Redapple Digital Health, Inc. He has been involved in the technology industry since 2009, starting his career as a Product Manager at Monachus, LLC. Buck is well-regarded as an expert full-stack software developer, with previous experience at companies including Intuit – Turbotax and WebMD. At Redapple Digital Health, Inc., he plays a key role in leveraging technology to innovate in the health-tech space.


Alex Monita is a Cross-Platform Developer and Cloud Systems Engineer. Proficient in various technologies. He excels in crafting and creating digital experiences.



Eric Lazar has spent his professional career helping brands craft compelling designs, and marketing materials. His focus is on enhancing the user experience, and visually communicating a brand’s story and services.  He also has a background in video and photo editing that bring extra life to the Redapple experience. 


Product Managment

Umer Aqeel is a dynamic product manager with a proven track record of driving innovation, maximizing ROI, and delivery exceptional user experience. Expertise in market analysis, product strategy, and cross-functional team leadership.  Passionate about levering technology to solve real-world problems and exceed customer expectations.  


Quality Assurance

Sharani Colombage is an expert at identifying potential software QA issues and implementing effective testing strategies.  She plays a crucial role in ensuring that our app functions seamlessly, securely, and meets the highest quality standards.



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