The Digital Health Matchmaker

Redapple Digital Health, Inc. is a web-based, and mobile native application that allows consumers to Match, Connect, and Engage with the right healthcare or wellness provider.

The Platform That Does It All



Consumers are matched with providers based on preferences.



Consumers connect with providers via messaging to support pre-appointment needs.



Consumers request appointments, schedule, and engage with providers via messaging and video features.

Easy To Manage.

Redapple Digital Health’s easy to use interface allows patients and providers to manage their portal without having to go to other sites.

Increase patient engagement and data-collection with Redapple Journals.

Redapple Journals are private and HIPAA compliant social-media-like spaces designed for patients undergoing therapy and recovery. In these journals, patients have the freedom to write text, upload photos, share links, and engage in other forms of expressive content creation. The platform offers several benefits stemming from expressive writing and content creation within the therapeutic context.

For healthcare providers, Redapple Journals serve as a valuable tool for reviewing patient activity, both during appointments and in-between sessions. By accessing these journals, providers can gain deeper insight into their patients’ thinking patterns and behaviors, which can inform and enhance the therapeutic process. The platform allows providers to review individual journals or view a consolidated newsfeed of patient activity, providing flexibility in how they engage with patient content.

Connect With These Providers Today

Redapple Digital Health is a single platform that allows consumers to match and connect with eight different healthcare and wellness provider types.

Fitness Trainers
Mental Health Pros
Home Health
Physical Therapists
Nurse Practitioners
Health Coaches

Join The Community

Both Redapple Digital Health patients and providers are verified for authenticity to create the best community and matching experience.


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per user / month
  • Meet Various Healthcare Providers
  • Set Specific Search Parameters
  • Manage Provider Connections
  • Chat, Voice and Video Call
  • Schedule/Manage Appointments
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$ 100
per user / month
  • Manage Patient Connections
  • See Profile Performance Data
  • Set Availability and Accept Appointments
  • Chat, Voice and Video Call
  • Update Bio and Specialties
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